Our Procurement Department is currently undergoing some process changes and, as a result, this section of our website is being reviewed on a regular basis.  We would like to provide customers with as much helpful information as possible whilst this is going on.  The aim of this section is to share best practice in our current procurement procedures.  In addition, the University has set out the Terms and Conditions under which we do business. If you have any questions regarding procurement please contact a member of the team. 

Nigel Peake

01785 35 3316

Head of Procurement

David Glover

01785 35 3313

Procurement Manager

Claire Wells

01785 35 3378

Procurement Manager




Sustainability:  Staffordshire University recognises the need to play a key role in the promotion of sustainable development.  The Procurement Team have created a Sustainable Development Procurement Policy (PDF, file size: 135.43KB) to support the University's policies around this subject. Our team have recently signed up to the HEFCE initiative 'Flexible Framework' which addresses a number of criteria, working through various levels set by HEFCE. Headings covered include Corporate Social Responsibility and People and the Engagement of Suppliers.  [This section will be updated as work progresses towards completion of the Flexible Framework.]

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The following documents are available to download in order to help you make informed purchasing decisions:


Our Policies on slavery and human trafficking


This Statement (DOCX, file size: 37.76KB) is designed to satisfy the requirements of Part 6 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, by informing our students, staff and the public about Staffordshire University and its policy with respect to modern slavery, human trafficking, forced and bonded labour and labour rights violations in its supply chains.

Staffordshire University is committed to ensure that all parts of our business and supply chain are slavery free.

Through our collaborative procurement partner (NWUPC) our collaborative agreements and all suppliers on these agreements are monitored and supported by use of an online tool to address and develop action plans that address modern slavery and other key sustainable /social value issues.
The University will ensure that any tendering activity includes statements to ensure compliance to this Act.

Supplier adherence to our values
We have zero tolerance to slavery and human trafficking. Any supplier or potential supplier who does not adhere to these values or is found not to be compliant will be suspended and removed from the University supplier list and will not be considered for future supply unless they are able to demonstrate full adherence with the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act.

Contract T&Cs

In order to protect the commercial interests of the University, the following documents set out the terms under which Staffordshire University does business.  The clauses cover - for example - payment terms, delivery requirements, health & safety and ownership of goods.  All orders raised and contracts established are in accordance with these conditions.


It is very important if you are a supplier, that you should always state a purchase order number on your invoice. We fully understand that there may be times when you will deliver good/services to University staff which may have taken place over the phone. Unfortunately, we are unable to pay you without a PO number and your invoice will be returned to you unpaid.

  • Purchase of Goods (DOC, file size: 63KB) - for the purchase of all items used in the running of the University

  • Provision of Service Contract / Services (PDF, file size: 58.84KB) - use this guidance for the provision of a service contract

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  • Sale of Goods and Services (PDF, file size: 61.68KB) - for the sale to individuals or companies of items manufactured or produced by Staffordshire University or contracts undertaken.


Values between £2,000 - £24,999

Unless a call-off order against a contract supplier is required, University Financial Regulations (PDF, file size: 279.49KB) (this is also currently under review) require evidence that competitive quotes have been sought to support all orders raised over the value of £2,000.  It is good purchasing practice to ensure alternative prices are obtained to help improve value for money from public funds.

To maintain impartiality, sealed bid tenders are recommended, giving all suppliers an equal opportunity. By giving them all the same specification, or list of requirements, they will be able to offer prices accordingly.  Competition will help to ensure better prices than simply approaching one supplier.

For orders up to £24,999 it is recommended that the Standard Invitation to Tender form (DOC, file size: 135KB) is used: the sections requiring completion are:-

Supplier's Name
Supplier's Address
Return Date
Contact Name and Telephone Number

A date for return (preferably two weeks from the date of the letter (DOC, file size: 135KB) ) should be set with details and the address to which the bid is to be returned - the envelopes should then be kept secure and all opened at the same time.

The information provided by the chosen supplier may then be used to prepare an order which must be priced.

Values over £25,000

For orders over £25,000 assistance from the procurement section must be sought to help draw up a formal tender including specifications, terms and conditions and arrangements for returning and opening bids.  This is especially important for orders over the value of £181,302 which will require competition in accordance with European Union Directives.

These EU Directives are enacted in English Law and apply to all Universities. They provide for fair and equal opportunities for suppliers in the member states.  Where orders are subject to this Directive the contracting University is required to comply with detailed rules on selecting tenderer's, evaluating bids, maintenance of records and provision of statistics.


Tender Opportunities

Staffordshire University's tender opportunities are listed here (PDF, file size: 192.86KB) .  Please click on the link to access the list.  If you have any questions regarding procurement please contact the Head of Procurement, Nigel Peake on 01785 353316 or email him on

Please click here for our Single Tender Waiver (DOCX, file size: 44.6KB) form, which you can complete and return by email to


New Suppliers

Staff wishing to apply for a new supplier to be put onto the University's Oracle Financial system should complete the Request for New Supplier (DOCX, file size: 1.18MB) Form.

  • This form is to be completed if you require a new supplier to be added to Oracle  

  • It must be signed by an authorised signatory from your Faculty or Service   

  • A letterhead or official stationery from the supplier company MUST be attached to this form, stating all the information requested  

  • The University only makes payment through BACS or Visa Credit Card     If a supplier company is unable to accept BACS or Visa Credit Card payments then we are unable to accept them as suppliers.

  • IMPORTANT:  valid e-mail address(es) must be provided to ensure that BACS remittances and purchase orders are issued efficiently.